The Randstad, consisting of a ring of urbanization around a more rural area, has been recognised as performing exceptionally well. The housing market is flourishing, the economy is growing, and employment and business opportunities are on the rise. As such, many people are looking for homes in the Amsterdam Area. Almere welcomes new residents and businesses and will continue growing during the coming years. But the city is doing much more than just building houses. The programme Almere 2.0 is our guide to invest in the city’s best qualities. Almere will be a city that its residents can be proud of, where they can enjoy life and grow with us. It will be a city where businesses invest and where visitors are continuously surprised. The City of Almere, the Province of Flevoland and the national government are working hand-in-hand to deliver this.


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Growth goals

In just 40 years, Almere has grown to be the Netherlands’ seventh-largest city, with more than 200,000 residents. And it continues to grow. Over the coming 30 years there will be 400,000 new homes needed in the Amsterdam Area and Almere is set to provide 60,000 of these.

Building the city together

Almere is part of the Amsterdam Area. This region is a major driver of the Dutch economy and it must remain strong and internationally competitive in the future. Therefore, an attractive business climate, excellent accessibility and unique nature and recreation facilities (in and around the Markermeer and IJmeer lakes) are essential. The vision of the future has been set down in the Rijksstructuurvisie Amsterdam-Almere-Markermeer (Government Structural Vision Amsterdam-Almere-Markermeer).

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A city where you can live, work and play

Almere is diverse and it continues to transform, inviting yet more variety. Examples of new-build areas are in Almere are OosterwoldZandpoortDUIN and Nobelhorst. New types of housing and neighbourhoods will be built in these new areas, but growth alone is not enough. Almere must ensure there are new provisions created to guarantee a green, sustainable and liveable city.

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Almere will host the Floriade international exhibition and garden festival in 2022. For six months the theme ‘Growing Green Cities’ will focus on the cities of the future. Visitors will have a unique and meaningful experience while visiting the expo and will be invited to ‘explore, touch and change’. This expo also coincides with the start of the new city district ‘Floriade’. Almost everything that is built for the exhibition will become part of the legacy of Almere. The structures will remain and become part of the community. As part of this innovative exhibition concept, Floriade Expo 2022 will stimulate innovation and the development of solutions that can benefit us all. It will be a living laboratory and a platform for smart solutions.