Almere’s modern aesthetic sets it apart from other Dutch cities and it is home to some exceptionally high-profile architecture, showcasing the work of famous architects like Rem Koolhaas, SANAA and Claus en Kaan in the city centre. Alongside the striking new buildings and outdoor artworks, Almere Centrum has more than 400 shops, interesting cultural venues and a cinema. A wide variety of cultural events and festivals take place throughout the year. In the summer there are spectacular outdoor theatre performances by multiple theatre groups.



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Almere’s six train stations provide connections between Amsterdam, Utrecht, Groningen, Den Haag and many other cities. It allows residents to easily commute to and from Amsterdam each day, as the city is just 20 minutes away by train. A direct train also runs between Almere and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, with a travel time of less than half an hour. More than 20 bus lines transport residents and visitors quickly and safely around the city and region. Within the city itself, buses operate solely on dedicated bus lanes, which are optimised for traffic circulation.

Cycling is also an excellent way to explore Almere. No matter if you’re a cycling enthusiast or a commuter getting to and from work, you’ll enjoy the efficiency of the city’s spacious cycling paths. Head out into nature, access the harbour or lakes, or simply follow the central cycle path which runs parallel to the train line. Of course, cycling in the Netherlands isn’t just for sports and recreation, it’s also a popular way to get to work, school or do your shopping. Fantastic cycling infrastructure makes this much simpler.

Stay the night

When it comes to spending the night in Almere, there’s plenty of choice. There are a number of high-quality hotels, lakeside holiday rentals, campsites, B&Bs and specialist short-stay accommodations specifically for expats and business guests. Take a look at all the accommodations in Almere.

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Almere Centrum

Almere City Centre

At the heart of the city, located beside a lake and surrounded by green space, Almere’s city centre is full of surprises. Its innovative architecture sets it apart from other major Dutch towns and cities. But there’s much more to discover beyond glass and concrete! The centre has been carefully designed to inspire and become a unique urban hub, whether you’re shopping, socialising, working or dining out. There are more than 400 shops to explore, varied cultural offerings, a major cinema and a good nightlife scene. Special events take place throughout the year – be it Christmas lights and ice skating in winter, or a beach vibe in summer.


Almere boasts numerous distinctive buildings designed by leading architects such as Rem Koolhaas, Herman Hertzberger and Liesbeth van der Pol. The city occupies third place on the list of architectural cities in the Netherlands, and takes top slot on the list of contemporary architecture in ‘European New Towns’. You can easily spend the day admiring Almere’s architectural masterpieces by bike or on foot, like the experimental residential areas of Fantasie, Realiteit and Eenvoud. The VVV Almere Tourist Info can provide architecture routes and you can also book guided city walks.

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In Almere, you can immerse yourself in rich natural surroundings, discovering wildlife, parks, beaches and lakes. Admire the unique ‘polder’ landscapes, sail the IJsselmeer lake or simply relax in the green open spaces. Almeerderhout is Almere’s largest woodland area, which consists of four different woodlands, each with a distinctive atmosphere. A visit to the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve gives a glimpse of the Netherlands thousands of years ago, as the former seabed has developed into a unique environment over time. The reserve is particularly popular for hiking, cycling and spotting wildlife.


It’s easy to lead an active lifestyle, as Almere also boasts more than 300 indoor and outdoor sports facilities and more than a hundred sports clubs. Almere’s residents are well-positioned to participate in activities like trail biking, inline skating, hiking, water-skiing and rowing – especially in the summer months when the 10 various beaches spring into activity. Almere is also a paradise for watersports fans. Enjoy a leisurely sailing trip past Almere from the Gooimeer to the Markermeer lake, starting at Almere Haven with its inviting restaurants at the Havenkom. Take in the skyline, and the exclusive nature reserves at the Noorderplassen lakes and re-enter the Markermeer at the De Blocq van Kuffeler pumping station.

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Get to grips with the cultural offerings in Almere. KAF Almere is a theatre that plays host to large-scale musicals, Dutch cabaret and international theatre. The Corrosia cultural centre in Almere Haven is also a spot to experience inspiring performances and exhibitions. A variety of daring performing arts groups also host outdoor performances each year.

Visit Almere

There are many reasons to visit Almere: shopping, architecture, recreation, nature, day trips, events, festivals and much more. Plan your city adventure and discover what’s on at

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Almere City Guide

The Almere City Guide is your ticket to the best destinations, attractions and sights that Almere has to offer. It’s filled with insider tips on where to go, what to see and how to spend your time in Almere. Pick up your free copy from the VVV Almere Tourist Info in Almere’s city centre or view the online version.